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Rose Bowl

Homer Laughlin Kraft Blue, Churchill Blue Willow, graphic dishware, smoke glass tabletop, vintage lead crystal, clear polymer. Mounted on...

Northern Loon

Broken auto glass, liquor bottles, candle glass, hand painted & graphic dishware, borosilicate art glass, mounted on 20 in NH white pine...

"Octa" & "Red Widow"

Octa - Reversible smoky quartz & black star diopside handcrafted sterling silver spider bauble 36" chain Red Widow - Reversible 26ct red...

Green Man

Modern & vintage graphic dishware, wine bottles, salvage mahogany ~8x6 in


Hull brown drip, vintage & modern dishware, florist vases, salvage floor tile - commissioned by KM ~11x14 in


Mixed modern, vintage & post consumer waste glass, clear glass slag beads mounted on vintage mahogany - commissioned by MP ~4x5in


Broken graphic dishware, wine bottles, florist vases, natural mica - commissioned by Bran ~7x12 in

Dagger, gift to RM

Vintage carnival glass, lead crystal, smoke glass table top, florist vases, mixed painted and graphic dishware mounted on salvage mahogany

Long Nosed Bat & Cactus

Vintage & modern dishware, liquor bottles, florist vases, candle glass Commissioned by DC ~18x13 in

Black Capped Chickadee

Hull brown drip pottery, modern broken dishware, wine bottles, automotive glass - Mounted on reclaimed mahogany ~10x7 in

Nightshade Sisters

Vintage Wheaton purple manganese, Hazel Atlas uranium, Ball cornflower, florist vase, wine bottle, hand painted dishware, onyx rounds...

Devotional Path Stone

Salvaged church window glass, vintage carnival glass & lead crystal, mixed vintage and modern pottery & dishware, glass beads mounted on...

Trenta Raven

Cover art for TRENTA³ : STAR by Zen Dash Modern graphic dishware, florist vases, liquor bottles, stained glass commissioned by DG ~11x14...

Hand of the Fool

Tarot 0 - Broken vintage & modern glassware mounted on stone tile ~3.5x3.5 in

Hand of the Magician

Tarot I - Broken vintage & modern glassware mounted on stone tile ~3.5x3.5 in